Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist public companies in understanding the market and those market specific conditions that affect their market valuations and provide the direction and support necessary to maximize the client's market valuation. Jackson Hole Advisors market management system is based on the understanding that today's markets require far more attention to detail than in the past. The efficient market theory is far less relevant today than ever before. Public companies can no longer rely on the markets to efficiently value an asset based on performance alone. As the markets continue to migrate toward highly leveraged derivative instruments, public companies need to revaluate how they approach the Investor Relations process. Over the last five years we have witnesses the most fundamental changes in how the markets work than at any time in the last seventy years. With the advent of derivative products and the promulgation of Algo programs, hedge funds, unbridled leverage has distorted the markets to such an extent that if a company is blind to the effect these conditions are having on their securities they are placing their share holders and their market capitalization at great risk. Truly understanding the relationship between market composition, investors, market makers, analysts, traders, and the client's business plan, capital plan and the implementation timing is the first step in creating the support necessary to have an effect on the market valuation process. The next step in this process is to identify and understand what external drivers behind our client's equity market may be affecting market value.

For example in many instances a clients short position is not reflective of the market betting against the client company so much as the symptom of excess leverage, hedge, or other derivatives being utilized by some "investors" to hedge risk, lock in profits, or trade correlated index baskets. In the more extreme cases a company's market value can totally disconnect from operational results and be valued almost solely on the derivative trading. JHA's Standard Service identifies and quantifies these conditions so a more unified and effective approach can be developed.

Our market management programs are based on the very simple premise that most public companies have access to proprietary market information in the form of D.T.C., A.D.P., transfer records, NASDAQ, and other sources that are seldom coordinated and utilized. Using these information sources we have developed proprietary market intelligence systems that provide us the insight to see behind the market and provide our clients with a more accurate view of what is affecting their market value. Jackson Hole Advisors is unique in the fact that we have the capability and experience to interpret raw data and adapt it into client specific programs.

Regardless of how precise the compilation of the numbers and raw data are, any program is only as valuable as the ability to interpret the information and then translate it into positive action. We believe our analytical and strategic support allow us to assist our clients in isolating specific problems and correcting them rather than just taking a costly and far less efficient shotgun approach. Reliable data is the key in gauging the success or failure of any given program on a near real time basis.