Jackson Hole Advisors (JHA) provides market management services which allows our clients to monitor investor activity and sentiment and proactively manage their public equity as opposed to reacting to situations of problems after they have already occurred. All services are based on our basic philosophy that the most stable, fully priced markets for individual issues are those where the investor base is aligned with management's strategic vision for the company and the development timeline. We offer two levels of service that help management generate this match between the investors and the company which are Standard Service and Capital Market Advisory Services.

Jackson Hole Advisors wants every chance to demonstrate to new clients our ability and commitment to ensuring them that their publicly traded equity is appropriately valued. Our services exist because we believe our analytical services, strategic planning assistance and client support far exceed any comparable service offered by anyone. Our hope and experience is that when our clients have more extensive needs than the analytical and strategic insight provided by the Standard Service that they will allow Jackson Hole Advisors the opportunity to review those situations and compete for that business. JHA has found that representing a company for even a short amount of time allows us to know more about our client's equity markets than almost anyone in the securities industry. By utilizing the information derived from our standard service we can model multiple what-if scenarios based on actual data and determine what strategic plan best suits the clients needs. If the client needs to access the capital markets, our modeling techniques allow us to prepare an investment outline targeted toward selected investment banks which typically results in debt or equity transactions closer to the client's needs than the bank's while achieving substantial savings in fees and dilution at reduced risk.

Our Standard Service is our most commonly used extended service and the foundation for all the capital market services we perform. It is designed to reveal hidden trading, ownership, derivative and leverage information necessary to have an influence on the market valuation process. Standard Service integrates all the information and augments this information with quantifiable insights into the "who" and "why" aspects of market behavior. We begin our Standard Service by developing a detailed initial report which quantifies your market condition and provides initial guidance to assist you in developing a strategic market management plan. After the delivery of the initial report we discuss our findings with management and prioritize any company specific tasks which need further review or observation. Next, a JHA analyst is assigned to the company and prepares a weekly report delivered prior to market open each Monday detailing the previous week's market activity. Our reports provide a detailed summary analysis of market observations alerting the client to any developing trends or anomalies and monitors the progress of our client's strategic market plan. We also conduct frequent conference calls with clients where we address in detail any reported activity as well as address any questions, clarifications, thoughts, concerns or specific requests the client may have. If your company is not yet fully mature with a high level of stable repetitive earnings this level of detailed information will be of tremendous value. In today's complex computer driven markets, if a developing company does not know with a high degree of specificity who is doing what in their market and is not using that information to optimize their ownership composition and set expectations they can be putting themselves and their shareholders at a potentially costly disadvantage.

Jackson Hole Advisors Capital Market Services are priced by the engagement. This service most often consists of assisting clients in when and how to access the capital markets so that single capital market access events are priced as low as possible and recurring access has the highest probability of building price at every step. Capital Market Services can also include market-oriented tasks such as planning and implementing a complete restructuring and rebuilding of our clients investor base. In these situations JHA typically conducts a thorough market and business analysis to determine what steps must be made and in what priority. Based on our analysis, we develop a 12 to 24 month strategic equity-rebuilding plan and then begin the implementation process. In most cases a client in need of this degree of service is facing major challenges which necessities the total or near total reconfiguration of their ownership composition. Our Capital Market Advisory includes our "Standard Service".